User Guide
Here is how you can sign up and get started on our newest integration on production tracker application, Printavo. We are excited for you to try this! This page will help you and your people get star
This page will help you and your people get started with the Printavo integration on Production Tracker. We will help you get started, set up and fluently use the integration for your shop and finally enable your people to keep your workflow organised and grow your business.

Set up your Printavo Integration with your Production Tracker Account

Now that Production Tracker is integrated with Printavo, you won't need to enter your job details manually on Production Tracker, further reducing the work you and your team had to put in tracking critical production metrics. Let's set it up!
Note: This is a one-time setup.
Let's see this in action. To get started, simply head to the Production Tracker website, and continue to log in to your account.
Once you have logged in, you will need to go to the integrations page, and look for Printavo on the page.
Go ahead and click on the icon, and it will show three different blanks to fill in to start your integration.
Add the email address you use to login into your Printavo account in the first field.
For the second field, to obtain your API Key, you will need to go to the Printavo Website, login into your account.
From here, go to your account and scroll down to your API Key.
PS. The API Key has to be for the same user whose email ID you are providing.
Take that API Key and paste it into the required field.
Further on, you will have to add a keyword, say PTApp or Ready_PT to your Printavo statuses; any orders in those statuses will be pulled into Production Tracker. Provide whichever keyword you add to the Printavo statuses in the third field.
Once these three fields are provided, you can now test your Printavo connection.
Once the connection is tested successfully, all your categories from Printavo would appear automatically on the panel to the left hand side and from there you will just have to map them to decoration methods from the drop-down menu and then Voila!
If all goes well, you will be taken to the Job sheet where you will be able to see all jobs pulled from Printavo.
Going forward, data will be pulled every 24 hours, but if you do need an immediate update, you can always go ahead and refresh your data as and when it is needed!
YAY! Your integration is now all set up, go ahead and grow that business and let us take care of your organisation worries :))