User Guide
Add your users
Adding your crew members to Production Tracker is the first step to get setup and start measuring you activities.
To add your crew, head over to the user management page and click on the Add User button on the top right corner of the page.
Adding a user to Production Tracker
Enter the information of your users in the box and click on Add User to add them. You can add users by either using their email address or phone number.
Select type as "Basic" for your crew members who will track the Production on the floor.
Enter user information along with Email ID or Phone number

Adding users with e-mail

When you add users with an email address, they will receive a welcome email from [email protected] to Accept the invite and set up their password.
Users can accept the invitation and setup their password
Clicking on the Accept Invite button will redirect them to a page where they will be able to see the Organization ID they will need to login and set up their password.
The set password button will be activated once they enter their password.
Once the password is set up, the users can login on the Production Tracker app on web, mobile, and tablets on both Android and Apple devices.

Adding users with mobile numbers only

You might want to add your team members using mobile numbers and not e-mail addresses. This is especially useful while adding temporary users. If you only use mobile numbers to create your users, they will be able to login using a One-Time Password on the application login screen on web, mobile, and tablets.
To add users only using mobile numbers, please leave the e-mail field blank and proceed to create the user.
Once the user is created, they will be able to login using Login with OTP option on the login screen of the application.
Users with both an e-mail address and mobile number can also use this option to login.
Login with OTP
After clicking on the Login with OTP button, the user will be asked for their Organization ID and 10 digit Phone Number, on which the OTP will be sent.
Enter your 10 Digit mobile number and hit get OTP
The user will be logged in after entering the OTP in the following screen! 👏
It's time to now assign users their machines to start tracking the data. We call these Workgroups.