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Creating and edit your workgroups
A Workgroup is a group of users working on a particular machine. Creating your workgroups helps make the data gathering experience for your users a breeze. Read on to get started.
Now that you have added your crew, it's time to add your machines and assign users to them. To this, head over to the Setup Workspace on the Home section of the Production Tracker Application.
Click on the green + button to start creating your workgroups
On the setup page, click on the green + button on the Workgroups card. You will taken to the entry page of the worksheet, where you can Add your Machine Name in the first column, select the type of machine and finally assign users who will be working on the machine.
Adding a machine and users to create a workgroup
You can add multiple machines on the sheet and assign different users to the machine. Once, you are done adding Workgroups, you can submit the data using the ✔ button in the action column or submit all the rows using the "Submit" button on the top right corner of the sheet.
Use the tick icon to submit a single row of data or hit the submit button to submit the entire sheet.
You can also view and edit your existing workgroups. See how you can do it here.
To edit existing Workgroups, you can go to the view page of the Workgroups section.
Navigating to view workgroups
Once, you are in the view section, click on the Edit button in the right-most column against the workgroup you wish to edit.
Click the edit button next to the workgroup
You will be able to edit the workgroup in the pop-up window that appears. Change the information and hit Update.
Editing workgroup modal
Your workgroup will be edited and the new operators will be assigned to the machine.
Now that you have set up your workgroups, let's set up the shifts and breaks based on your work cycles. 🥣
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