User Guide
Customising Shifts and Breaks
Every crew is unique and so are the shifts and breaks. It is critical for the app to know what your shift and break timings are as we automatically calculate the overall times spent on activities.
Only Administrators can customize Shifts and Breaks

Setting up shifts

While we have given some standard shift timings on the application, you can customize them according to your shop or add more shifts based on your requirements. Let us first view the default shifts and how to edit them.
To do this, head to the view section of the Shifts sheet by clicking on the view icon (represented by an Eye) on the Shifts card in the Home section.
Customising shifts based on your shop
You will see two standard shifts (Day & Night) along with the timings for both. Click on the Edit icon in the right-most column to edit the timings according to your shop. 📅
Editing standard shift timings
On the pop-up form, you will be able to select the start-time and end-time for the shift. Click the Update button once you have customized the timings.
Updating the shift timinigs
You can also use the Production Tracker mobile application as an administrator to customize shifts and breaks.

Adding more shifts

To add more shifts (For example, you have different timing for weekends) you can click on the Enter Data button on the top right corner of the sheet.
Adding more shifts
On the data entry page of the sheet, add any new shifts you want to add and submit the new shifts by clicking the submit button on the top right corner or using the tick button at the end of each row.
Adding additional shifts
You have now successfully customized the shifts according to your shop. Let's now review and set up your standard break timings to complete the setup.

Customizing breaks

On Production Tracker, you can set up breaks for each shift. By default, we have added three breaks for you-
11:00 am - 11:15 am
Day - Lunch
2:00 pm - 2:30 pm
2:00 pm - 2:30 pm
You can edit this or add new breaks to the list using the same process we did for Shifts on the Breaks card in the home section.
Editing and adding new breaks
Now that you have set up your shifts and breaks, you are all set to tracking your production.
There are two more cards in the Setup section ie. Print Locations and Problems. While we have captured most of the required locations and typical problems faced during printing, you can customize them or add more as well.